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Quadruplicity Exhibition

Quadruplicity by Yous Sufi

Quadruplicity, the expression of life within a group of four hearts.

This Solo Exhibition by Yous Sufi came as a number abstract paintings came to light. This coming had a complete appreciation of th number 4, and each one of the paintings displayed showed this number at its core. That’s how Quadruplicity came about.

“Intuition is intelligence speeding over the limit.” Henry Bernstein

3D View of Quadruplicity Exposition

After 7 years without exhibiting in Morocco, YOUS returns with about thirty oil paintings on canvas, like
“a Jewel, 
an Abstract Emulsion 

“L’intuition, c’est l’intelligence qui commet un excès de vitesse.” Henry Bernstein

Après 7 ans sans exposer au Maroc, YOUS nous revient avec une trentaine de peintures à l’huile sur toile.
“un Joyau, 
une Emulsion Abstraite

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