Bensouky is a painter born on May 1, 1988
Of Portuguese Moroccan origins.

From an early age Soukaina Benhamou was always fascinated by the beauty and depth of colors as she grew up with a mother who worked in the fashion industry. After obtaining her French high school diploma in Casablanca in 2006, Bensouky chose to continue her studies in Paris, the capital of art, in order to realize her dream which was to become a great famous artist. She joined Creapole, the prestigious school of creation and design she couldn’t adapt to the educational system of this school so she gave up on art for 2 years and went to an advertising school.

During a tourist trip to New York and Miami in 2009 Soukaina realized that her heart was still beating for art since she went to visit many museums and knew deep down that it was light that would dazzle her soul. In 2010, bensouky made the decision to go to New-York the city where all dreams come true so she was accepted in Berkeley college new york where she followed a course in fashion art and management. After completing the major she returned to her country of origin Morocco but unfortunately because of many personal problems her career was interrupted again.

In 2016 she received a sign from the universe that she should not stop her love for art then she enrolled in an art school in Milan in Italy where she took online courses to perfect her drawing techniques. During a trip to Lisbon and Porto in 2018 she was invited to an art exhibition of the great and famous painter Picasso and at that time she decided to create her own workshop in Casablanca. Soukaina was inspired by her atypical story which is the multiculturality of her origins and her education. In her paintings we can see her mission of the soul which is to transmit messages of peace and love in the world thanks to the colors that she uses on her artworks which propagate a majestic energy. She uses colors that soothe the mind and lift the heart.

Painting is for Soukaina a way to tell a part of her life and of her fights in a magical way. In order to refine her artistic education and mark her Arab culture Soukaina addressed the best calli-Arabic graph of Morocco to instill in her the techniques of this elegant and sweet writing. So she started to mix pop art and Arabic calligraphy. This mixture of artistic cultures gives a splendor and a uniqueness to her works. Bensouky who promises to be the international icon of cultural diversity but also a symbol of humanity of love and peace.

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