(Oduor Isadiah)
Contemporary artist, Illustrator author and poet

My art style is contemporary. It borrows style from old masters and my culture Africa using patterns , colors and stick figures to tell stories of social economic impact affecting my continent Africa and my country Kenya as a whole.

2023. Nairobi Design Week it’s what you make it . Digital exhibition.
2023: group exhibition at McKenzie Art Mtaani Exhibition.
2022. Afrofuture group mural painting at Kayole Football grounds
2021: GBV mural alongside Daddo ,Bantu and Cinyepimp along St.John wall Korogocho
2021:Extreem Awards sketch artist nominee
2020: Talking wall project alongside my graffiti brothers Bantu ,Daddo and Hope raisers initiative to raise awareness for staying safe in Korogocho slums.
2019:Uprising Exhibition show at Bega kwa Bega with residing artists around Nairobi Eastland’s area.
2018: World Theatre Day Exhibition at KICD headquarters ,Ngara Nairobi
2017:Published a storybook with Storymoja Publishers (THE MONSTERS WHO DISOBEYED)

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